Traffic begets $uccess

Training + Support + Website w/Tools = $uccess (provided there is traffic, that is)

Traffic, where does it come from? What is it good for? Absolutely nothin! No, not really. Try and build a successful online business without it.

Target Market

Bull’s Eye

The first thing you have to do is try and understand who your target market is. What are you selling, product or service, and who are you trying to sell it to? And “anything” to “anybody” are not the right answers to these two questions.

Take a little time, do a bit of self-examination if you need to, but determine what it is you are trying to accomplish. Only then will you begin to understand your target market and you can begin to develop a website aimed at that target; traffic will soon follow.

Targeted traffic generation boils down to four basic categories. While there may be some areas of overlap, these categories are as follows:

1. Create:  (Content is King, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Gambit, Viral eBooks & videos, Article marketing, eZine articles, Press Releases)

2. Borrow:  (Social Media {FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Squidoo}, Social Networking {BizSugar, BlogEngage, BloKube}, Banner Swaps, Link exchange, Blog comments & Forum guest-posts)

3. Buy:  (Pay-Per-Click, Banner Ads, eZine ads, eMail ads/Listbuilding)

4. Offline:  (Business cards, Brochures, Flyers, Bulletin Boards, Word-of-mouth/Tell-a-friend)

The category that you have the most direct control over is, of course, the creation of top-notch content. But ignore the second category at your own peril because it can bring loads of highly-targeted traffic your way, if you set yourself up properly. Until you have applied yourself fully to Creating and Borrowing, you needn’t waste your money on Buying nor waste your time on Offline pursuits!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a note in the space below.  I’ll be glad to help, and if I can’t answer your question I’ll find someone who can.  Or if you want to give me some feedback, please leave your comments.

Wishing you ‘Fair Winds and Following Seas’,
Cap’n ERyc signing off.


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