Maverick Money Makers Review – Why You Shouldn’t Buy

Maverick Money Makers 2.0
Overall Ranking: 70/100
Price: $97 discounted to $79, then $97 monthly
Owners: Mack Michaels


This program is a dinosaur that is all but extinct, in fact, I believe that it has ‘morphed’ into “Millionaire Society”.  The MMM website is still active, however, and it was one of the premier educational sites for ‘newbies’ in it’s day.  The program is an introduction to affiliate marketing that claims you will require no website or special equipment, other than a computer and an internet connection.


For PROs it offers step-by-step training videos as well as a series of nuts-and-bolts Quick Money Blueprints and Skillset Videos that are very instructive.  A major CON is the fact that the site only offers the “how to” but no hosting (they do point you in the right direction, although they say you don’t really need it) or client support forum.


This is a ‘academic’ environment which includes Core Training, Quick Money Blueprints (where you supposedly get a jump-start on making money online), Skillset Videos and Mindset Coaching (although the only coach is the owner himself as there is no user-affiliate forum).  There are also several Bonuses which include ClickBank, Niche Marketing, 60 Second Guides and Turnkey Products/PLR.  There is also an extensive ‘Rolodex’ referral network.

Most of the training videos provide a good introduction to the subject material but fall a bit short of the finish line when it comes to being able to turn it into an online cash funnel.


This program is aimed at the ‘newbie’ internetwork marketer, but not one who is on a budget because the cost of the program itself will leave little extra cash to invest in your business.


The initial claim is $97 with auto-bill monthly.  They did from time to time, offer to discount the initial cost by $18 – 20.


Don’t nibble on this one or the follow-on Millionaire Society, it’s overpriced.  You’re better off getting the real deal at Wealthy Affiliates!


Maverick Money Makers 2.0
Overall Ranking: 70/100
Price: $97 discounted to $79, then $97 monthly
Owners: Mack Michaels


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